When it comes to steel fabrication, only bespoke will do. Why make do with standard products when you can have a custom made medium or heavy steel fabrication that has been manufactured to meet your exact needs?

Complete bespoke fabrication from one supplier

With the combination of skilled personnel and the ability to offer a complete bespoke fabrication service from start to finish, Lycett Fabrications is the first port of call for companies looking for precision steel fabrications made to meet their exact specifications.

Our range of services includes (but is not limited to) material processing, profiling, plasma cutting, machining, boring, drilling, chamfering, bending, forming, levelling, milling, sawing, cropping, welding, assembly, shot blasting, and finishing.

This comprehensive service means that our customers only have to deal with one supplier for their entire project, saving them both time and money.

No project too difficult

From one-off specialist assemblies to basic designs, small and large batch runs, we can undertake any project from 500kg to 10 tonnes. No matter how complex the specification or tight the timeline, we are able to deliver a finished fabrication with reliable quality.

Why bespoke?

A bespoke steel fabrication is made to meet the individual requirements of each customer and the application it has been made for. Choosing an ‘off the shelf’ product means that it might not be able to function in the way you had hoped, or you may have to spend more money to get it adapted for your needs. With a bespoke fabrication it’s ready for the job it has been designed to do as soon as it arrives.

Bespoke steel fabrication will cost you less that you think. Give us a call today and let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your next fabrication project.