To produce exceptional quality steel fabrications, a fabrication company relies on experienced engineers that have the necessary skill and expertise to carry out a number of processes from material processing to cutting, machining to shot blasting, drilling to welding.

Thankfully, many of the processes required to make a steel fabrication can be carried out using a new generation of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery.  These machines provide a very high degree of precision in areas such as laser cutting and bending.


However, when it comes to providing steel welding services, the best way of producing high quality welds is by hand.  Although there are a number of welding processes, the main three that Lycett carry out on a regular basis are:


  • TIG welding (tungsten, inert gas). An ideal method for seam welding thin steel sheets.  It is the most difficult of all of the welding processes because it requires both hand to carry out the weld.
  • MIG welding (metal, inert gas). This process is used to produce a seam weld using an inert or semi-inert gas mixture which protects the weld from any contamination.
  • MMA welding (manual metal arc). Otherwise known as shielded metal arc welding, is a perfect choice when a temporary join or to tack weld components prior to carrying out the final weld using TIG or MIG methods.


Welding is a complex and skilled process and welders will need to hold coded welder qualifications to BS EN 9606 – European Standard for the fusion welding of steel.  These qualifications show that the welder has passed the relevant exams and is competent in a particular method(s) of welding.


All of Lycett’s welders hold these qualifications in MIG, TIG and MMA welding.

Following strict quality control measures, we employ trained NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) personnel.  NDT staff are tasked to carry out a variety of rigorous tests to ensure that the welding of our fabrications is of suitable quality and it meets customers’ specifications.


Much more information about our steel welding services and the other fabrication processes we carry out can be found by browsing our website.