Steel Finishing Services

Crossing the finishing line

Finishing. The action to complete the manufacture of an article by giving it an attractive surface appearance.  It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?  When it comes to the finishing of a steel fabrication, it’s far from just slapping a bit of paint on the surface. From preparation to painting, there is a lot of time, energy, skill and expertise needed to produce a high-quality, finished steel fabrication that’s fit for its purpose.

Engineers delivering the steel fabrication processes will have taken a great deal of care and attention to produce a high quality, precision-made product.  However, if the finishing hasn’t been carried out to the same high standard, customers will not be happy.

It’s not just about giving the steelwork an attractive appearance, however.  Painting the surface of a fabrication will protect it from corrosion or atmospheric pollution, increasing the lifetime of your steel fabrication.

Preparation is the key!

It is important to prepare the surface of the fabrication to ensure a smooth and sound base for the paint finish, as the performance of the paint is reliant on its ability to adhere to the fabrication.  Shot blasting is carried out to remove any residue – such as burrs, paint, or residue – left on the steel following the various fabrication processes.   It provides a sound key for the paint finish.

Consistent finishing

Once prepared, the steel finishing can begin.  Using an airless paint sprayer to provide a flawless finish on high volume applications, or a dry filter booth that gives an exceptional finish on more general applications, it is possible to deliver a durable paint application that delivers a consistent and precise finish.

Modern paint systems not only provide an excellent finish that will last for years, they are also environmentally friendly and comply with the necessary requirements under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in relation to paints used to coat steel structures.

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