Whatever you manufacture, however high the standard the steelwork has been made to, if it is not finished properly then customers will not be pleased with the end result. That’s why every part of the fabrication process, including paint finishing, must be completed with the same attention to detail as every the initial fabrication process.

What’s more, if the steel finishing hasn’t been carried out correctly, not only will the fabrication not look good, it could also subject the steelwork to corrosion, meaning the lifetime of your product will be dramatically reduced.

The most common form of steel finishing is achieved by applying a protective and decorative paint coating to a finished fabrication that offers excellent protection to corrosion through exposure to moisture or atmospheric pollution, as well as improved durability.

The process of steel finishing

Following the final assembly, the fabrication is subjected to shot blasting to deburr, remove old paint or any sand left over from castings, and to provide a sound key for painting. This ensures that the paint can be applied with a consistent finish and will last longer than if it had not been subjected to shot blasting.

There are many different ways to carry out steel paint finishing, but at Lycett Fabrications, we use a state-of-the-art airless system which provides a durable, flawless and aesthetically pleasing finish. The airless system uses environmentally friendly paints and complies with the very latest guidelines and statutory requirements under the Environmental Protection Act.

The airless system provides a much more consistent finish, and can be applied in half the time compared to applying the paint with a brush or roller.

Fabrications made with care and quality

We take the quality of our fabrications very seriously and, in addition to our quality management system which is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, our paint finishing processes are carried out to meet BS 5493: 1977 Code of Practice for the protective coating of iron and steel structures against corrosion, and BS EN ISO 12944-5: 1998 for the corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems.

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