What welding accreditations should you be looking out for?

When deciding which welding company to use for your steel welding project, making sure the company has the right level of skills and expertise, can help guarantee that the project will be completed to a high standard first time.
To ensure that the welders working on your job are properly trained, make sure they are qualified to BS EN ISO 9606 in MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), and MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding.

What is BS EN ISO 9606?

The BS EN ISO 9606 accreditation endorses the welding capabilities of welders working in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. The certification is universally recognised regardless of what type of product the welder is producing, thanks to a specific set of technical rules.
During the BS EN ISO 9606 application process the welder’s ability to manipulate the electrode and welding torch or welding blowpipes is assessed and the quality of the weld is examined.

Our steel welding services

At Lycett we continually invest in relevant training for our engineers and ensure that they are qualified to the industry standard. All our welders are BS EN ISO 9606 accredited and are able to produce high quality welds from our factory in Tamworth.
We also follow strict testing procedures to ensure that our customers always get a high level of finish no matter how tight the deadline.
To find out more about our welding capabilities here . You can also speak to our team by calling 01827 53231.